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The Hodgepodge Group acknowledges the discrepancy between what art aspires to do politically and what it actually does. Therefore, we are a producing entity and a community of artists, organizers, and scholars that generates live performance and moving images that centers girls, gays, folks of colors, virgos, queers, and libras. The artists of Hodgepodge are expected to be both makers and doers, all working together with the understanding that serving, engaging with, and changing the world does not stop with artistic pursuits.

The Hodgepodge Group began in 2017 as a small producing company to help fund and tour their own work. Since then, we've co-produced works with Garage Magazine, the New York Theatre Workshop, The Tank, Capital Fringe, and Panorama Philly.



Miranda Haymon - Co-Artistic Producer
Rose Johnson-Brown - Co-Artistic Producer
Jamar Brathwaite, Associate Artist
David Glover, Associate Artist
Dhari Noel, Associate Artist
Lucy Powis, Associate Artist


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